Daily E-Commerce Course

Double Your Conversion Rate in Only 10 Days

(Get the most out of your existing traffic!)

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If You Have an E-Commerce Store & Want to Increase Sales & Profitability, this mini-course is for you.

This 10-day roadmap should help you maximize your store’s potential.  

Through the course, we’ll cover the most important major topics in e-commerce. 

Here’s a sneak peak

👁️ Day 1: Refining Your Vision

📈 Day 2: Analytics & KPIs

💰 Day 3: Conversion Rate Optimization

👕 Day 4: Product Page Excellence

🚘 Day 5: Data Driven Marketing

🧀 Day 6: Competitive SEO

💥 Day 7: User Generated Content & Community Building

🐕‍🦺 Day 8: Customer Service Excellence

🪴 Day 9: Affiliate Marketing & Exponential Growth

👑 Day 10: Staying Ahead for the Future

Each day, you’ll receive a short lesson, quick tip and action item to help improve your store’s performance. 

I’ll See You There & Happy Selling!

*Doubling your conversion rate is a possible outcome of taking advantage of all recommendations but not typical or expected in every case. 

This is based on former clients’ results with similar implementations but in no way reflects a guarantee.